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“You must see Incandescent Moves (Oct 15) featuring several poignant and thought provoking short films on photography curated for the Flash Photographic Festival. As well as Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth (to mark the Mentoring Artist for Women’s Art Anniversary on Sept 18), a program of great artistic animation from female animators, many from Winnipeg! Lastly, look out for the great documentary on Roger Ebert, Life Itself as well as Steven K Johnson’s terrific concert portrait doc of Winnipeg blues singer Romi Mayes, After the Show.

If you have never been to Cinematheque before I would like to personally invite you to see world class cinema – both from independent Winnipeg filmmakers and filmmakers from around the world. All screenings take place in a beautiful, intimate setting with a state of the art projection and sound system. ”
– Dave Barber, Programming Coordinator

“I think I am most excited for the Suspended Animation program at 7:30pm on September 28 at the Manitoba Hydro Place downtown. It is always very exciting for us to extend our programming beyond our theatre to non-traditional spaces and this is one of the most non-traditional spaces we have ever partnered with! Gordon Fitzell and the eXperimental Improv Ensemble will reinterpret the soundtracks for nearly a dozen experimental films from the Winnipeg Film Group distribution catalogue (including some fantastic new work by Mike Maryniuk, Scott Fitzpatrick and Rhayne Vermette) which they will also recontextualize visually within the space by projecting the films onto several helium filled weather balloons affixed within the building. This is a very exciting and strange event that is not to be missed, see you there!”
– Jaimz Asmundson, Programming Director

The program that I am most excited for is a woman is not an island: Recent Shorts from the Winnipeg Film Group’s distribution catalogue which plays Sept 5 at 5:30 & 7pm. I don’t think we’ve screened a curated program from the distribution catalogue in some time. Alison Davis is a friend of mine (and past Projectionist at Cinematheque) but I have not seen a lot of her films. I am intrigued by Courtship because I am always interested in one’s heritage and lineage, plus, who doesn’t love a romance story of their grandparents? I absolutely loved Jackie Traverse’s art exhibition Ever Sick so I’m sure that Empty will continue to express her ideas and opinions on Aboriginal social issues. There’s been a lot of Madison Thomas buzz around the Film Group office so I’m excited to finally see one of her films. Lastly, fans of Leslie Supnet’s work know that she needs no explanation.
– Kristy Muckosky, Operations Manager

“The film I am most excited to see this October is Snowpiercer by Director Bong Joon-ho. It plays for seven shows on Oct 9-11 and 16-18 and your last chance to catch this end of the world saga is Sunday, Oct 19 at 7pm. I hope to see you at the movies.”
– Cameron Courchene, Head Projectionist

“Despite its unfortunate title, I am looking forward to watching Snowpiercer. Every now and then, I do enjoy apocalyptic, dystopic, point A to point B movies. “The world is a frozen wasteland and society is on a train and the people in the back now want to be in the front.” This won’t be a masterpiece, just two hours of escapist fun.”
– Mark Borowski, Box Office