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“In our time, 2016, taking the time to philosophically reflect on the impact of the Internet is likely an urgent need. And there is nobody better to lead us through this task than master documentarian Werner Herzog. Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World runs Nov 9 – 12. (Be sure to turn off your handheld before you step into the theatre—if you can!). Also check out Cinematheque’s very own Gimme Some Truth documentary festival Nov 3 – 6 for a new batch of Canadian documentary shorts, talks on issues affecting the documentary form today and a selection of films direct from Toronto’s prestigious Hot Docs.”
Cecilia Araneda, Executive Director

“I’m very excited to present our 8th Annual Gimme Some Truth Documentary Festival which will run for four days, Nov 3 – 6. In addition to many local premieres, we have several out-of-town filmmakers here to present their work during the weekend including two programs of American filmmaker Matt McCormick’s witty, abstract observations, a collection of tongue-in-cheek films from Edmonton’s Trevor Anderson, Dave’s favourite films from Hot Docs including John Walker’s new personal doc Quebec My Country Mon Pays and Alethea Arnaquq-Baril’s humourously confrontational Angry Inuk, and two afternoons of workshops including a case study on marketing and festival strategy from Heidi Tao Yang, and Tasha Hubbard’s exploration of the 60s scoop in her new film Birth of a Family.”
Jaimz Asmundson, Cinematheque Programming Director

“Winnipeg writer and actress Donna Lewis passed away recently and is sadly missed in the theatre and film community. With a simple roll of her eyes she could make a scene incredibly funny. Filmmakers John Kozak and Shereen Jerrett who both worked closely with Donna will share their thoughts on working with her at the Donna Lewis Film Festival (Nov 17). I also strongly recommend the hugely entertaining documentary Ants on a Shrimp (Dec 4 – 22) which I saw at Hot Docs last year. And I have not seen a performance as powerful in recent memory as that delivered by actress Rebecca Hall in her riveting portrayal of TV journalist Christine Chubbuk in Christine (Dec 1 – 11). Lastly, if you want a great Christmas film you will be inspired by The Eagle Huntress (Dec 10 – 22) featuring breath-taking cinematography of the Mongolian mountains in a touching story of a thirteen year old girl who takes on the old masters.”
Dave Barber, Cinematheque Programming Coordinator

“When acclaimed playwright Samuel Beckett tried to capture the power of cinema, he chose to collaborate with the incomparable Buster Keaton. Together they made FILM and archivist Ross Lipman has been on the search for outtakes and a rumored prologue. In a feat that many historians/archivists never achieve, Lipman has found the footage and put it together in a captivating documentary about the remarkable collaboration between Beckett and Keaton (NOTFILM plays Nov 18 – 20). Jim Jarmusch has done it again! Gimme Danger (Nov 25 – Dec 3) is a wily look at the history of The Stooges from the perspective of Iggy Pop. The Stooges have been instrumental in the development of punk and have influenced so many artists over the years – you won’t want to miss this hilarious and entrancing flick!”
Kaitlyn McBurney, Cinematheque Operations Coordinator

“The November and December screening schedule is filled with new and old works from some of my favourite filmmakers. I am most looking forward to the Donna Lewis Film Festival as one of my closest mentors John Kozak will be sharing some of the work he did with Lewis. Dory and Root Canal were two films I have always wanted to see, but never got the chance to, so I will definitely be marking my calendar for that screening. Werner Herzog never disappoints, his nonfiction work Lo and Behold is my other pick for the upcoming schedule.”
Milos Mitrovic, Cinematheque Technical Liaison

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is the new documentary by one of my favourite filmmakers Werner Herzog. It critically examines the way the internet has changed the way we connect with each other and how our future will be shaped. Christine is the other film that caught my eye as I had heard the story of the Christine Chubbuck many years ago. With a performance by Rebecca Hall that has been praised as Oscar worthy, this is a film not to miss.”
Eric Peterson, Cinematheque Box Office & Projection