Curated and introduced by Kevin McDonald

In conjunction with the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, comedian and star from Kids in the Hall Kevin McDonald will introduce a series of classic comedies which bombed when they were first released but are now considered classics. McDonald says “The secret theme of this year’s movies is anarchy. Most good comedy is anarchic against society or some form of society. In comedy, we attack order and make our satirical points about how we live and how we should change the way we live or at least think differently about how we live – through laughs. The movies this year all express anarchy and rebellion and get tons of laughs at the same time. I’m excited about this year’s movies and I hope you are too.” — KEVIN MCDONALD

Kevin McDonald is the co-founder of Kids in the Hall. He has also appeared on Ellen, The Martin Short Show, Seinfeld, Friends, Arrested Development and Less Than Kind.

Wednesday April 9 / 7 pm
The Man with Two Brains

Thursday, April 10 / 7 pm
Duck Soup

Friday, April 11 / 7 pm
The Producers

Saturday, April 12 / 7 pm
The General

Sunday, April 13 / 7 pm

Co-presented with the Winnipeg Comedy Festival

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