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“Caroline Monnet was the first participant of the Winnipeg Film Group’s Mosaic Women’s Film Project, a program through which she completed her first film, IKWÉ (2008). Currently based in Montreal, Monnet is now part of the Embargo Collective II, a group of Indigenous women filmmakers who push artistic boundaries. The screening of works by this collective on Feb 23, presented in partnership with Urban Shaman Gallery and Toronto’s ImagineNATIVE festival, is a perfect opportunity to catch Monnet’s recent work. Cabin Fever! is always a favourite, it pairs world classics with local Manitoba shorts. Kids of all ages can join us for this free-admission Sunday matinee series (Jan 8 – Feb 26).”
Cecilia Araneda, Executive Director

“As you can tell, we’re all very excited to unveil our new 3D system at Cinematheque but I can assure you that you will never find any Hollywood superhero films at our theatre. This February we will present 3D: The New Dimension (Feb 17 & 18), a 2-day mini-festival. We will play catch-up and showcase a handful of films we have screened at the theatre or wanted to have screened but were not able to show them in their intended format. I am especially incredibly excited to finally see Godard’s Goodbye to Language in 3D, something I have been putting off for the last few years knowing that we would eventually be screening it on our new system. Also I’m really looking forward to re-watching Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams in 3D, an incredible film about the world’s oldest known cave paintings.”
Jaimz Asmundson, Cinematheque Programming Director

“Don’t miss Lovesick (Jan 27 – Feb 5), Winnipeg director Tyson Caron‘s touching story of love about a 33-year-old guy who, though down and out after breaking up with his ex, meets an unforgettable new woman named Nora. Tyson makes wonderful use of such Winnipeg locations as the Exchange District and Lantern Gallery. It also features a great music score by Matt Schellenberg (Royal Canoe) and some first-rate performances from Winnipeg actors. And with the installation of our new digital 3D equipment you must see the incredible 3D films of Wim Wenders, Jean Luc Godard, Werner Herzog and Mike Maryniuk included in our festival, 3D: The New Dimension. I also highly recommend Danielle Sturk’s moving new documentary Soul Sisters (Feb 3 – 11), which explores the lives of the Catholic Sisters of Manitoba who do ground breaking work for social justice. It’s paired with Dominique Rey’s remarkable short film Les Filles de la Croix.
Dave Barber, Cinematheque Programming Coordinator

“January is an exhilarating time for me to be enjoying my first full month at Cinematheque. Our newly outfitted 3D capabilities have me giddy to finally have the chance to see Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams in 3D. I’ve been putting off seeing this since its release years ago, hoping that someday I would have the opportunity to see it under the perfect viewing conditions. Now I will as part of 3D: The New Dimension that will showcase our new gadgetry with seven 3D films. Park Chan-wook looks to further explore his Hitchcockian side with his new genre thriller The Handmaiden (Jan 12 – 21), which looks sure to be a favorite of mine for 2017. Having loved his short film, A Tennis Story, which screened here in November as part of the best of WFG member films, I am eagerly anticipating Tyson Caron’s new feature Lovesick, which boasts a bevy of Canadian screen talent.”
David Knipe, Cinematheque Operations Manager

“The January and February program is filled with wonderful new and old works by local Winnipeg filmmakers. Local filmmakers Ivan Hughes and Kayla Jeanson will be screening their new documentaries, Concerto and Shenanigans at Sunset respectively, for the Tales from the Neighborhood (Feb 16) program. Both films are set to be very engaging works that will showcase Winnipeg film at its finest. Other local films that are playing this New Year include a short by one of my Winnipeg film heroes, Mike Maryniuk, Dead Ringer. I have always enjoyed the surrealist charm that Mike brings to his work, and seeing it on our new 3D system will definitely be a highlight of the program.”
Milos Mitrovic, Cinematheque Technical Liaison

“Starting January 8th, and every Sunday until the end of February, Cabin Fever, a festival of free films for kids, will screen classics like A Night at the Opera and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and some more recent films such as Coraline and The Peanuts Movie in 3D. In February we will also be showcasing a program called 3D: The New Dimension. This program contains films from filmmakers like Jean-Luc Goddard and Werner Herzog and showcases 3D technology but not in the generic gimmicky ways we have come to expect.”
Eric Peterson, Cinematheque Box Office & Projection