In 2012, a book debuted that would go on to canonical status and usher in a new way of writing about film. Kier-La Janisse’s House of Psychotic Women was billed as “an autobiographical topography of female neurosis in horror and exploitation films,” and explored hundreds of films through a daringly personal lens.

In this pioneering work, anecdotes and memories interweave with film history, criticism, trivia and confrontational imagery to create a reflective personal history and an examination of female madness, both onscreen and off. 

To celebrate its 10th anniversary and the latest expanded edition of House of Psychotic Women, Cinematheque presents a series of films exploring crippling paranoia, desperate loneliness, masochistic death-wishes, dangerous obsessiveness and apocalyptic hysteria. As Kier-La Janisse writes, “cinema is full of neurotic personalities, but few things are more transfixing than a woman losing her mind onscreen”. 

Generously sponsored by IATSE 856 and William F. White International.


Identikit (The Driver’s Seat)
Wed, Sept 21 / 7pm
Sat, Sept 24 / 2:30pm & 7pm *
Sun, Sept 25 / 3pm
* Join us on September 24 at 7pm for an in-person Q&A with Kier-La Janisse. 

Secret Ceremony
Wed, Sept 21 / 9:15pm
Fri, Sept 23 / 7pm *
Sat, Sept 24 / 4:45pm
Sun, Sept 25 / 5pm
* Join us on September 23 at 7pm for an in-person introduction by Kier-La Janisse.

I Like Bats (Lubie Nietoperze)
Thu, Sept 22 / 9:30pm
Fri, Sept 23 / 9:15pm
Sat, Sept 24 / 9:30pm
Sun, Sept 25 / 7:15pm

Ms. 45
Thu, Sept 29 / 7pm
Sat, Oct 1 / 5pm
Sun, Oct 2 / 7:30pm

Morvern Callar
Wed, Sept 28 / 7pm
Thu, Sept 29 / 8:45pm
Sat, Oct 1 / 7pm
Sun, Oct 2 / 5:30pm

The Fan (Der Fan)
Wed, Sept 28 / 9pm
Fri, Sept 30 / 9:30pm
Sat, Oct 1 / 3pm & 9pm