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Dir. Jon Moritsugu
1994, USA, 67 min
2K Restoration

Featuring a special pre-recorded introduction from director Jon Moritsugu.

A lurid fever-dream riffing on arthouse pretense collided head-on with shock cinema, Mod Fuck Explosion stars Amy Davis as London, a slinky blond girl in love/lust with delinquent boy par excellence M16 (played by female lead Desi del Valle), searching for her raison d’etre in a sprawling nightmare city. A coming-of-age story packaged in a sleazy exploitation wrapper, Mod Fuck Explosion resonates with a strange yet wholly original existentialism.

Content warning: Violence, gore

A dynamic punk odyssey of a pair of innocent teens adrift in a violent urban world; Moritsugu unleashes a barrage of powerful images and hard-driving music.

– Los Angeles Times

A potent and surprisingly queer blast of teenage hate and rebellion featuring a killer soundtrack by Unrest and a climax involving 800 lbs. of rotting beef.

– Austin Film Society

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