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Join us for our Staff Picks series, where our Winnipeg Film Group staff will select and introduce new and old favourites. This month’s selection was chosen by Cinematheque projectionist Sam Sarty.

Dir. Owen Kline
2022, USA, 87 min

When Robert, a high school student and aspiring cartoonist, rejects the comforts of suburban life, dropping out of school and leaving home, he finds an unwilling teacher and unwitting friend in Wallace — a former low-level comic artist — in this bitingly funny and playfully twisted coming-of-age story.

Generously sponsored by IATSE 856 Manitoba.


“The Big Network of Weirdos that makes up Earth
We’re all just scrappy little guys drawing pictures, listening and telling stories to fill up the time
Concerts, Trading Cards, Poems, City Bus Ads, Movies, Conversations
And when you find your crusted edge of the fray, the true collectors, structureless buddies, competitors, fellow strangers
It’s like a Joy sinking into wet basement cardboard
It’s like the deep expanse of leaning into that rare strange puss feeling, of being known, finding people who see you, even if it’s just for a little while”

– Sam Sarty

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