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This collection of films examines the unreliability of the archive, limitations of language and the ultimate unknowability of those closest to us. Farrah Murdock’s Hangover explores the anxiety creatives may feel from the self-expectation of constant creation; Claire Sanford’s Violet Gave Willingly is an intimate study of the nature of memory and how it can both harm and protect; Clare Samuel’s How amazingly unlikely is your birth explores family relationships, death and mental illness and how each person is a world, but we are all also constellations; Christine Kirouac’s Nectarine serves up a tense and humorous narrative about cohabitation, survival, sustenance and generational perceptions; Chadi Bennani’s Nicole presents the union found between a mother and her son when both find themselves faced with the void left by the departure of a loved one.

Hangover, Dir. Farrah Murdock, 2023, Canada, 4 min

Created in a time of self-doubt and feeling anxious of the future. Hangover is compiled of independent footage and audio recorded from July to December of 2022.

Violet Gave Willingly, Dir. Claire Sanford, 2022, Canada, 23 min

Violet Gave Willingly immerses us in the colourful world of textile artist Deborah Dumka, inviting viewers to witness the unflinchingly intimate details of her artistic process and inner life. Nestled in a cluttered studio by the sea, the film lays bare the continuum and legacy of gender-based discrimination, sexism, and sexual violence. More than a portrait, the film is a conversation. As mother and daughter struggle to give voice to their experiences, power radiates from speaking uncomfortable truths.

How amazingly unlikely is your birth, Dir. Clare Samuel, 2023, Canada, 16 min

What could a cosmology of one person’s life look like? A daughter examines the life and premature death of her father, who had a troubled relationship with the psychiatric medical establishment and was passionate about ecology, politics and space travel.

Nectarine, Dir. Christine Kirouac, 2023, Canada, 9 min

In Nectarine, Kirouac combines the same story told by her adoptive mother, recorded twenty years apart. As she recalls growing up in New Brunswick alongside a Mi’kmaq reserve in the 1930’s, her aged hands peel apples in both time frames. 

Nicole, Dir. Chadi Bennani, 2023, Canada, 23 min

In this touching documentary, filmmaker Chadi Bennani accompanies his mother, Dominique, as she begins to empty the apartment of Nicole, her mother who died two years ago. Through their discoveries, Dominique and Chadi will share their memories with Nicole, as well as their apprehensions of a future without her.

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