Things are getting pretty spooky over at Cinematheque this October! Join us for Aurora Gorealis on Saturday, October 29th for a Canadian horror marathon featuring creepy kids, vengeful dolls, evil prom queens and ancient aliens. This series pairs classic Canuxploitation offerings with Canadian shorts in a hair-raising sampling of northern frights.

The Pit
Dir. Lew Lehman, 1981, Canada, 97 min
Sat, Oct 29 / 3pm

Dir. Sandor Stern, 1988, Canada, 103 min
Sat, Oct 29 / 5pm

Hello Mary-Lou: Prom Night II
Dir. Bruce Pittman, 1987, Canada, 97 min
Sat, Oct 29 / 7pm

Psycho Goreman
Dir. Steven Kostanski, 2020, Canada, 95 min
Sat, Oct 29 / 9pm