As the Winnipeg Film Group’s exhibition wing, Cinematheque is for the priority use of our in-house programming. From time to time however, we can accommodate outside bookings of the theatre. Requests should be submitted at-least two months in advance

Please note that because of our in-house programming schedule, Cinematheque is only available to rent Monday through Friday mornings and afternoons (renter must vacate by 5pm), Monday evenings, and Saturday & Sunday mornings.

Rental requests are weighed and prioritized as they align to our overall organizational objectives. Programs that are offered by non-profit organizations free of charge to the public at large are provided a priority weight for screening consideration. We reserve the right to refuse any request

To book or for more information, fill out the Theatre Booking Inquiry form below:

Rental Rates

  • Monday – Friday morning or afternoon (before 5 pm): $300 per timeslot
  • Monday evening (after 5 pm): $500 per timeslot
  • Saturday & Sunday (before 2pm): $400

These rates are based on one time slot, not the whole day or whole evening. A time slot is a period of two hours, with a half hour on either end for set-up/cleanup. Equaling three hours total

Note that the seating capacity of the Cinematheque is 85; UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE is a renter to allow over-capacity – as per fire code


Additional Charges

  • There is a $50 fee if the renter requires special technical equipment setup and/or testing i.e. video game consoles; DCP testing; etc.

Summary of Services

  • Experienced projectionist
  • House Staff (will not work with admissions for rental screenings)
  • DCP; Digital video files; digital streaming; 35 mm; 16 mm; BETA SP; HDcam; HDV; DVCAM; MiniDV; Blu-ray; DVD and VHS capabilities
  • Capacity of the Cinematheque is 85; under no circumstances is a renter to oversell the venue – as per fire code
  • Unless otherwise agreed-to in advance, in writing, Cinematheque may choose to sell concessions during the presentation, to the sole benefit of the Winnipeg Film Group
  • Tech – if you would like to arrange to test the film beforehand, please make arrangements at time of booking. A $50 tech fee will be added to the rental rate


Cinematheque is the professional presentation wing of the Winnipeg Film Group and, as such, its priority use is always for our in-house programming. Accommodation of rental requests will be considered only after we have accommodated our in-house programming.

Rental requests are also weighed and prioritized as they align with our overall organizational objectives. Programs that are offered free of charge to the public at large are provided a priority weight for screening consideration.

As our Cinematheque venue is for the priority use of the Winnipeg Film Group and to meet the Winnipeg Film Group’s core objectives, we reserve the right to refuse any request.

At no time will Cinematheque staff collect admission or other fees for the renting party. If the renting party is collecting cash at the door, this must be done by said party. Collecting admission fees for third-parties is not the responsibility of the Winnipeg Film Group.

If the rental screening is a public, ticketed event, renters must have permission from the artist / rights holder or assigned distributor to publicly screen the presented works in a theatrical setting. We reserve the right to request proof of permission prior to accepting any booking. Artist fee payments and / or distributor payments are solely the responsibility of the renter, as are any related costs in screening the works, such as shipping, customs, brokerage costs, etc. Reporting to distributors is also the responsibility of the renter.

At no time will the renting organization list the Winnipeg Film Group or our Cinematheque as a financially liable party in any agreements related to artist fees, shipping or other associated expenses.

Partnered Screenings

Discounted rental rates beyond those posted (through a request for a partnered screening with the Winnipeg Film Group) can be considered for presentations which align closely to our organizational priorities, including for children’s and youth programming, programming of works by BIPOC filmmakers, and programming of works by independent Manitoba filmmakers and video artists.

Contact Box Office Manager Nic Kaneski at nic@winnipegfilmgroup.com or 925-3456 (ext 108) for Cinematheque services sponsorship requests. As our Cinematheque is generally programmed at least three to four months in advance, only requests that are submitted AT LEAST four months prior to a proposed event date can be considered.