Leslie Supnet

Executive Director


Phone: (204) 925-3456 ext 103

Email: leslie@winnipegfilmgroup.com

As Executive Director, Leslie is responsible for managing the overall operations and staff of the Winnipeg Film Group. Leslie serves as the main spokesperson and represents the organization in all professional business capacities.

Jaimz Asmundson

Cinematheque Programming Director


Phone: (204) 925-3456 ext 102

Email: jaimz@winnipegfilmgroup.com

Jaimz is responsible for the artistic and business development of the Cinematheque, as well as managing its staff. Additionally, Jaimz oversees the expansion and development of special programming streams for the Cinematheque and is the Producer for the Gimme Some Truth Documentary Festival.

Olivia Norquay

Cinematheque Programming Coordinator


Phone: (204) 925-3456 ext 104

Email: olivia@winnipegfilmgroup.com

Olivia works collaboratively with the Programming Director and is responsible for providing Cinematheque programming. She is involved in a variety of special programming events and film series, including Trash Cult Tuesdays and the Bikini Drive-In screening series. Olivia was initially hired as a part-time Programming Coordinator in April 2021 and promoted to full time in April 2022.

Nic Kaneski

Cinematheque Box Office Manager


Phone: (204) 925-3456 ext 108

Email: nic@winnipegfilmgroup.com

Nic manages the Cinematheque box office, including the daily operation, customer relations, venue rentals and sponsorships. Contact Nic to provide feedback on your Cinematheque experience, as well as request for venue rentals and community partnerships.

Eric Peterson

Cinematheque Head Projectionist


Phone: (204) 925-3456 ext 112

Email: projectionist@winnipegfilmgroup.com

Eric manages all technical aspects of the Cinematheque’s operations, including film format testing and conversion, and maintenance of projection equipment. He also produces original content for the Cinematheque, such as: in-house trailers and ad slides, and helps to create Cinematheque’s original commercials, as well as acting as Head Projectionist. Eric should be contacted with any questions regarding the technical specs and capabilities of the Cinematheque.


Jonathan Lee-Wing

Box Office Staff

Kristina Ansari

Box Office Staff

Sam Sarty


Box Office Staff

Jonathan Lee-Wing

Box Office Staff

Dina Hamid

Box Office Staff

Kristina Ansari

Box Office Staff

Saleena Zeru

Box Office Staff

Mulikat Sanni

Box Office Staff